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How to shop for a wedding dress? by Finesse Bridal

Mar 7, 2023 15:11 By Kerry Wedding Show
How to shop for a wedding dress? by Finesse Bridal
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There is no right way on how to shop for a wedding dress, but here are some tips from us.

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When should I start dress shopping?


Give yourself plenty of time. We recommend 14 months in advance. Bridal gowns are made to order which can take up to 20/24 weeks.

You also need to allow yourself time for the alterations.

Some designers offer a rush fee at an extra cost. If you are short in time most stores carry gowns that you can purchase on the don't panic!!


Don't shop too early.

Too much time on your hands isn't always a good thing!  If you happen to fall in love with a dress and think you will go back to order it a few months later it may not be available as designers can discontinue dresses . If you are ready to commit then by all means go shopping.

How many stores should I go to?


For your own sanity and that of your family try to limit it to 2 to 3 stores maximum. The more stores you go to the more confusing it gets! We often have brides and they will purchase on their 1st outing, when it is the one, its the one!!

What about Budget

Have a budget in mind and be sure to tell your assistant what it is. Nobody will judge you for wanting a bargain! We all love to get a bargain after all!


Be sure to factor in the cost of alterations for your dress.

Don't spend too many hours scrolling the net...

Some brides come in with mood boards and folders with images of dresses they like and more often than not they will end up with something the complete opposite.


You will be more educated after thirty minutes of an appointment than hours on the net.

Avoid taking photos

This is the only rule we have in Finesse. Why? Because one photograph taken at the wrong angle can put you off your dream dress. You are as well to remember it in your minds eye.

Saying yes to the dress.

There comes a time when you have to commit & say Yes! I always say finding your dream dress is like finding the right just stop looking! Be happy with your decision and put your time into planning another part of your wedding.

Take the sitting test..

Be sure to sit down in your chosen dress to see if it is comfortable. Remember your wedding day is a very long day, you need to look & be comfortable!

Be true to your size.

Even if you plan on loosing weight shop for a dress in your current size. Most dresses can be downsized 2 sizes. It is better to be looking at material than for it!

Importance of a good Seamstress

The most important person you will meet on your wedding dress journey is your seamstress. Firstly you need to trust her and secondly you need to be honest with her. If there is something you are not entirely happy with, speak now or forever hold your peace! We have an in house Seamstresses in Finesse so we can stand over your gown 100% and fulfil any promises we made to you when selling you your dress.

This article was wrote by Finesse Bridal

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