Strokes of Resilience

Mar 6, 2024 14:52 By radiokerrypodcast
Strokes of Resilience
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In a world where strokes are often associated with the elderly, a new narrative emerges – one that sheds light on the growing prevalence of strokes among young adults.

This radio documentary centres around the lives of two young stroke survivors Siobhan Brosnan and Bill Gasiamis who hail from different corners of the globe but are connected by experience.

Together, they share the story of their lives before their strokes, recount the harrowing experience of the event itself, and bravely open up about the emotional and physical challenges they faced in its aftermath.


Join us as we journey into the lives of these resilient individuals, shedding light on the often-overlooked reality of strokes among the young.

  • Siobhan Brosnan: Contributor & Executive Producer & Co-Scriptwriter 


  • Eimear Nagle: Sub-Editor & Producer


  • Cian Doherty: Narrator & Editor 


  • Yuliia Riabova: Sub-editor & Transcriber 


  • Zahid Khan Ahmadzai: Researcher & Logging


  • Danielle G Smyth: Scriptwriter & Transcriber


  • Interviewers: ALL TEAM MEMBERS


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