Kerry nursing home found non-compliant across three areas of the health act

Nov 1, 2023 13:18 By radiokerrynews
Kerry nursing home found non-compliant across three areas of the health act
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A Kerry nursing home has been found not compliant across three areas of the health act.

HIQA inspectors found Aperee Living Camp fully compliant across ten areas, substantially compliant in eight areas and not compliant in three areas.

The unannounced inspection was carried out on June 20th.


The inspectors found governance and management to be non-compliant, noting the overall systems in place were not stable and not clearly defined.

There were several changes in the senior management team in previous months, with further changes advised.

It was noted there was only one director, and access was limited.


The inspectors reported that previous concerns had not been addressed and the current system was wholly inadequate.

Fire precautions was another category found to be non-compliant.

A fire safety risk assessment was undertaken on the premises in October 2021, which identified 8 red and 18 orange rated fire safety risks.


However there had been little action taken to address these risks in follow-up inspections, resulting in a restrictive condition being applied to the registration of the centre.

Inspectors were informed that there were no plans or works scheduled to address the structural risks.

Protection was the last category to be found non-compliant.


Inspectors had serious concerns about the management of residents’ finances to ensure residents’ rights and protection.

The inspectors noted that contrary to assurances given to the Chief Inspector in November 2022, Aperee Living Camp does not have a separate resident client account.

Overall, the inspectors found that residents living in the centre gave positive feedback about the centre and were complimentary about the staff and the care provided.


Residents told inspectors they felt well cared for by the team. Residents were seen to have their breakfast in the dining room during the morning walk-about and the inspector chatted with three residents enjoying breakfast. Staff were familiar with residents’ preferences and served them breakfast in accordance with their choice of cereal bread or toast.

There were plenty of activities taking place in the centre and a varied activity schedule was seen by the inspectors.

Staff had completed additional training regarding medication management, anti-microbial stewardship, hand hygiene, dysphagia, palliative care, food hygiene, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, dementia awareness and data protection.

Inspectors were assured that residents’ health care needs were met to a good standard. Residents had good access to GP services and medical notes showed regular reviews by their GPs, including quarterly reviews of medications to ensure best outcomes for residents. Multi-disciplinary team inputs were evident in the care documentation reviewed.

There we no restrictions to visiting in the centre. Staff welcomed visitors and engaged with them in a social and kind manner.

Residents had good access to medical care. Routine reviews by GPs included a review of their medication and assessment of residents' responses to changes in prescriptions to enable best outcomes for residents.


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