Calls for more resources for Day Care and Meals on Wheels services in Kerry

Photo: Pixabay

Representatives from Day Care and Meals on Wheels services in Kerry are calling for more resources to ensure they can continue their work safely, as the country reopens.

They are calling on Kerry’s public representatives to ensure funding is allocated.

Baile Mhuire Day Care Centre in Tralee repurposed into a Meals on Wheels service when it was forced to close due to the pandemic; 6,000 meals a day have been distributed to older people.

Aidan Kelly, of Baile Mhuire, says the elderly want to come back to Day Care Centres, as they miss the social aspect, but he says they must ensure it’s safe to reopen.

Mr Kelly says these centres are vital services and need to be supported:


Since the pandemic began, there’s been huge demand for Meals on Wheels services in Kerry and it’s expected this demand will continue until the Day Care Centres reopen.

It’s hoped they might reopen in September.

Catherine Lenihan, of Knocknagoshel Meals on Wheels, says the influx of volunteers was a lifeline to ensure they could meet demand in recent weeks.

These volunteers were the only form of human contact for some people cocooning, according to Ms Lenihan.

She says funding is needed to ensure they can continue to support the elderly now that businesses are reopening: