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How to save your business money on utility bills

May 16, 2022 18:53 By Admin
How to save your business money on utility bills
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Utility Bills | Save money for your business with BillGenie is a new Kerry company hoping to save businesses up and down the country money on their utility bills.

Recently, the founder of the company James Murphy featured on In Business with Mary Gallagher to talk about and the service they provide


What exactly does do? is a free utility Consultation service for businesses and they help businesses to save money on their utility bills year after year.

Every business has utility bills of some sort be it electricity, gas etc.  You need to review prices and packages regularly to ensure they meet the changing needs of your business eg. your usage may go up and the package you’re on no longer suits your needs.  You may end up paying more than you need to and often find out the hard way when you get a series of higher bills one after the other.


It does pay to look at your bills and review them regularly, but it is quite a chore to review utility bills and creates a lot of hassle, so can take care of this for you.

Save time on shopping around

In the electricity market alone you have about 14 electricity suppliers in Ireland, so if you were to contact all of them, explain your situation, explain what you need, get the pricing, look at their packages, each of the suppliers has different types of packages, then it’s just a minefield by the time you get through it  - it would remind you if you were checking in to a hospital and you’re telling your same story regarding your symptoms to many different people – telling the same story over and over again. It can be quite frustrating.


Often people can sign up to a new plan, but then find out he hard way that there are hidden fees with the plan which they weren’t expecting. are aware of quite a lot of them and can help people avoid them. The bonus about is that for your business it’s completely free. don’t charge a fee, and if you're happy with the pricing they get for you and you’re happy to change over, will help you change over and they'll get a small commission from the supplier for getting them a new customer.   It’s only by people changing over that makes money.

Most people do change over once they can see the savings that they are making.

Shopping Around for Utility Bills


What utility bills does deal with?

It’s about knowing the companies and finding out where the best deals are to be found.  At the moment look at mainly

  • Broadband
  • Landline Call Charges
  • Electricity
  • Gas – mainly bulk tanks
  • Merchant Services & Card Terminals
  • Solar PV
  • LED Lighting
  • EV Charging stations

What utility bills do people change most often?

Electricity is the one that people look after every year.  Some businesses know down to the minute when they changed it while others are less aware. Some people put it on the long finger, and the problem with that is you can go on to the out of contract rates and this can end up costing a lot. It is worth shopping around. can help you and take away a lot of the pain and hassle of changing over.  Aside from Covid19 restrictions, Electricity is the main pain point for businesses with the rapidly rising costs.

Most people are aware of the increases in residential electricity costs and the government proposal to give €100 back to each household but the reality is that business electricity costs are also increasing - up by 100% - doubled since the summer of 2021. A number of factors caused this – basically it comes down to supply and demand issues.  Lack of supply, storage, gas production, pipeline and transport issues and nuclear outages are all contributing to the higher prices.

Some businesses haven’t seen the full impact yet of this lack of supply. is aware of these price increases because that is the business they are in. A lot of businesses are still on the old prices especially anyone that went into a contract before the summer. They will not see the impact of the increase until their contract comes up for renewal. Go to and they will have a look at the rates you are on.

Shopping Around for Utility Bills

Is it just businesses deal with?

Most of the packages work with are business packages but if someone would like them to take a look at their packages they are happy to have a look at quotes and domestic packages.  It costs nothing to get in touch and if can’t help they’ll point you in the right direction.

In person or remotely work remotely via email, WhatsApp etc but can set up an in-person meeting as well at their premises if necessary.

What doyou need to do to get started on reducing the costs of their utility bills?

Switching accounts … BillGenie will get pricing options for you and once an option is agreed on, will arrange for all the relevant paperwork to be completed and emailed to you for a signature. Once you email it back to them, they'll pass it on to the relevant utility supplier who will take care of the rest of the onboarding process. will give always give you good news!

Make contact with by calling 086 1025551 or via email [email protected]

Then you can take photos or scans of your utility bills and upload them via

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