IT Tralee criticized for pulling degree course two days before CAO offers due

IT Tralee has been criticized for pulling a course two days before CAO offers were due.

The Institute of Technology Tralee had offered, through the Central Applications Office, Agricultural Mechanisation, which is a level 7 degree course.

The college contacted prospective students two days before the first CAO offers, asking if they’d be willing to switch to a different agricultural course.

Agricultural Mechanisation was subsequently taken from the CAO list.

Industry representative Johnny Corkery says IT Tralee has everything, including the facilities, staff and support from local dealers.

But, he says it’s now missing a crucial element.

IT Tralee says due to a low demand for the course, they decided to not run it.

Additionally, the college adds it’s normal practice to contact applicants when courses are not being run, in order to support them pursue further options.

However, a parent disagrees.