Terrace Talk – May 21st, 2018

Tommy Doyle – Winner of 7 AI medals, captain in 1986. We cover a wide range of topics with Tommy including Player power in the 70s and 80s, where did the boundary lie under Mick O’Dwyer, the importance of club, how inter-county football has changed since the 1980 and much more.

The relationship between inter-county managers and the administrators, and the media. Limerick manager Billy Lee threatened to boycott the Munster championship game against Clare over administrative error. Overreaction? – Paul Brennan joins the show to discuss.

Work involved in administration and communication with voluntary organisations – Have other Co boards around the country suffered getting people to take up roles? What’s involved in being PRO? Jackie Cahill, Commercial and Communications Manager LGFA PRO joins us.

Do elite track and field athletes have to have elite-level social media games to raise awareness of their sports? Last week, Sonia O’Sullivan berated Irish athletes, saying they “need to win on track not social media”. Elizabeth Egan, Fast Running Magazine, speaks to us on the issue