Grandson of The O’Rahilly says demolished house should be rebuilt by developer

Michael Joseph 'The' O'Rahilly
The O'Rahilly

There are calls for the developers who demolished the home of a 1916 leader to rebuild it brick by brick.

Michael Joseph O’Rahilly from Ballylongford, who was known as The O’Rahilly, was executed for his role in the Easter Rising.

Early yesterday morning, his home at 40 Herbert Park in Dublin was demolished by developers for housing, despite Dublin City Council declaring the building a protected structure.

Kerry Sinn Fein TD, Pa Daly says he is eager that sanctions be taken for the destruction of the house; he said the demolition was sad and of questionable legality.

Prionisias Ó Rathaille, the grandson of The O’Rahilly, says Dublin City Council needs to take immediate action regarding the developer: