Diocese of Kerry’s advice graveyard masses should not take place criticised

The Diocese of Kerry’s advice that graveyard masses should not take place has been criticised.

The diocese issued a notice to all parishes in the county, advising that masses should not take place in burial grounds.

The diocese says that Kerry County Council is not encouraging the holding of services in burial ground it would result in gatherings.

The Diocese of Kerry advised that holding masses in a church is a safer option, as they can be streamed online and the numbers attending can be controlled.

Noel O’Connor, Caretaker of Milltown Graveyard and chair of Milltown Parish’s Committee, has criticised that directive.

He says three graveyard masses were held before the advice was issued by the diocese.

Mr O’Connor says the outdoor gatherings were controlled, social distancing was observed, people wore masks and those concerned stayed in their cars.

He believes outdoor masses are safer.