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5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Entertainment -by Bryan Carr of The Kerry Wedding Singers 

Mar 7, 2023 15:03 By Kerry Wedding Show
5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Entertainment -by Bryan Carr of The Kerry Wedding Singers  5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Entertainment -by Bryan Carr of The Kerry Wedding Singers 
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How do you go about picking out your wedding entertainment?

Bryan Carr AKA 'Luicipiano' The Kerry Wedding Singer - Singing Chef is a classically trained performer who owns his own event management company running many national festivals and events. He also produces and directs several shows and stage productions and has toured the world as a performer and company manager. Have you considered him for your wedding entertainment?

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1. When too much is too much

For me I would always suggest quality over quantity. Aim for having one Ceremony entertainer or a Duo who will set a 'feel' for the day ahead. Some couples may like multiple ceremony performers, and this may set different tones within the celebration resulting in a 'concert' style celebration. This applies across your entire day; keep it simple but with style! 



2. Right Place Right Time

Find a key moment of reflection in your ceremony be it spiritual or civil and ensure it happens and have the best song or piece of music from your day in that slot. Like above, don't overfill the Ceremony with music or singing and the same goes for Drinks Reception, Meal and After Dinner Entertainment. Your entrance song into the Reception is also a tone setter for the day so make it a good one as it is the right place and right time for mood setting!



3. Let down time, be down time 

Your Guests need to chat, catch up and just chill. Guest can feel overwhelmed if there is too much going on and may feel they have to play that giant Jingo, do the photobooth, scream at the Fireworks or stand and wave the Napkin!

Its important for your Guests to just stop and do nothing for a while, so allow those quiet times to happen. Having too many Wow factors dilutes them as they come along and can also result in overstimulating your guests.



4. Boxing Clever 

My wonderful Wife and I are celebrating 25 years this this coming New Years Eve and trust me when I say we were on a Budget (Office Administrator and struggling young Opera Singer) so weather you're on a Budget or not can I suggest Boxing Clever! Service Singer/Musician - Consider getting a family member, friend or neighbour to provide this.


Do you need to have live Music at the Drinks Reception and the Meal and the evening entertainment? Why not consider a DJ followed by a session of Musicians or just a Band maybe enough that when you do have set aside your hard-earned money to spend on entertainment make sure its a strong wow factor.

5. Respect tradition while making new ones

Its ok to want to be different or quirky or have something nobody else has but when families and friends come together its always good to keep some traditions and for me nothing beats Irish Waltz's,  Siege of Ennis and of course the Kerry Set. Even if its just 8 people, maybe have them lined up in advance, if the Band don't provide the Irish Music or Waltz's then have the Hotel have it set up to go or prepare it yourself.

Remember, your Nieces, Nephews, young Siblings or even your own Children need to immerse themselves in an authentically Irish celebration at a Wedding plus its a great way to burn off all those calories!


This article was compiled by Bryan Carr of The Kerry Wedding Singers 


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