Some Muckross House staff facing redundancy

The Trustees of Muckross House have confirmed a number of staff are facing redundancy.

The facility has been closed for a number of weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The board has implemented a number of cost saving options to ensure the survival of the organisation and a small number of employees are at risk of redundancy, according to the board.

The Board of Trustees of Muckross House (Killarney) CLG have implemented cost saving options and say more are required to ensure the survival of the organisation.

With the Kerry tourism sector expected to face a loss of up to 70% due to the impact of the pandemic, the Trustees say they are not immune to this devastating economic fallout.

They have placed a small number of employees at risk of redundancy and are currently in discussion with those staff to explore all options.

Chairman of the board of Trustees, Micheál O’Coileain says “regretfully we feel we have to explore this option, as are other organisations across the country”.

Meanwhile, they have confirmed craft centre and garden restaurant at Muckross House and Gardens will reopen on June 29th.

However, due to social distancing measures and the safety of staff and visitors, the Trustees have decided to reopen Muckross House and the traditional farms in early July; they will remain open throughout August but there will be limited public access.

Customers can experience and explore the outdoor areas of the farms, but due to the ongoing public health crisis, it won’t be possible for customers to go into the buildings, pet farm or playground.

In recognition of this, they are offering free entry to the traditional farm area.