Parents of children impacted by Kerry CAMHS scandal write open letter on their plight

Oct 24, 2022 17:10 By radiokerrynews
Parents of children impacted by Kerry CAMHS scandal write open letter on their plight Parents of children impacted by Kerry CAMHS scandal write open letter on their plight
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The Kerry CAMHS Family Support Group Parents has written an open letter to all in government, the HSE, State Claims Agency, and the public.

In it, it details the serious effects the delays in compensation for all family members is having.

This open letter from the Kerry CAMHS Family Support Group Parents appeals for help to deal with the aftermath of the overmedication of young people in the Kerry Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.


They say their children have been exposed to the most appalling treatment imaginable by our health service, but they feel no one is listening.

They say they endured mental and physical changes in their children, as they thought it was the right course, but now no one knows the long-term prognosis for these children.

The parents say their children now have an even bigger mountain to climb, which grows taller everyday as they don’t receive the support they need.


They add this mountain gets steeper again because they don’t have the support of siblings, as relationships have been damaged because of the inappropriate medication that was prescribed.

The children and families affected need help with therapies and professional reports, while some need help providing food and a home for their children.

The families say that they’ve had to fight for funding for counselling and extra educational supports, even though the HSE put teams in place to assist the affected families.


The violence, aggression, and suicidal threats caused by the children being overmedicated by CAMHS required one or both parents/guardians to be home when the child was home, and this is still necessary in some cases, so family incomes have been drastically, negatively impacted, they’ve said.

The Kerry CAMHS Family Support Group Parents feel the government, the HSE and the State Claims Agency are taking advantage of circumstances, with the hopes the families won’t go to the high court; they also feel they’ve been repeatedly lied to.

They say many families, if not all, don’t have the resources, energy, or good mental health to go to the high court, and note this is caused by the HSE CAMHS scandal.


Originally, the compensation scheme was for the families; they ask why it has changed to exclude family members.

The group says it’s paramount that clarity surrounding the compensation scheme is provided to all affected children and families.

They say timelines need to be defined and explained; all changes need to be explained, along with the reason for the delay in the initial compensation.


These families say they’re struggling in every way, especially the children, some who are now adults, that were neglected while with CAMHS.


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