Travels Through A Kingdom

Kevin O'Brien | Travels Through a Kingdom

Sep 26, 2022 10:09 By radiokerrypodcast
Kevin O'Brien | Travels Through a Kingdom Kevin O'Brien | Travels Through a Kingdom
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Kevin was born in West London in the Portabello Road area and has lived in London all of his  life although now he spends a lot of time in his  home in Glenbeigh.

Kevin's mother Mary Danaher was from Ardagh ( where the Ardagh chalice was found) Co Limerick.

Seven of her siblings including her emigrated, two to the USA and five to the UK including her.


She worked in service in London in the 1920s and 1930s where she met his  father Robert Emmett O’Brien who had emigrated from Dublin.

His parents always maintained a strong connection with Ireland .

Kevin's late brother Brendan and himself made frequent visits to Dublin and Limerick and were brought up to think of ourselves as Irish a feeling which has remained with him all my life.


The Kerry connection comes through Katherine, his wife who Kevin met in London when they were both teaching in the same school.

Her mother was from Bansha , Killorglin and her father from Kantoher, Co Limerick .

Also both emigrants who met in London.


Then Kevin's love for Kerry came from his frequent visits to Killorglin over the last 30 years with his wife culminating in buying a home in Glenbeigh 10 years ago.

Kevin shares his poem Mary Joy with us.

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