In Focus with Domnick Walsh

In Focus with Domnick Walsh | September

Sep 2, 2022 17:55 By Admin
In Focus with Domnick Walsh | September
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Hi Joe and Dominic, Attached are three photos for the colour theme this month. The first is Banna beach with two people after sunset, the second is Dunquin pier after sunset and the third is part of a display in a shop window which caught my eye. Thank you.



Rescue 115 definitely colours of life, a Red Admiral and Peacock Butterfly. James Nelan Causeway Co Kerry


Handsome Fox. James Nelan Causeway Co Kerry


Good evening Joe & Dominic. Every eye forms it’s own unique beauty. As I gazed at the sunset this evening , I muttered a prayer of thanks to our creator of the universe .  Dominic , I thank you for your photographic hints &  tips . Keep this  informative , most interesting slot  on the first Sat of each month going boys . I along with many friends of mine look forward to it.  Slán . Agnes

Good evening Joe & Dominic. I just realised that today is the last Wed in August.  Maybe like Cinderella , I will lose my slipper , but sure “God loves a Trier”. This is a picture of my life , past & present . Hydrangeas in our garden at Kells bay with the chimney from my Lynch ancestral home  in the background.  Memories indeed. Agnes

Good evening Joe & Dominic. I send you this No 3 picture featuring a rainbow 🌈 to promise I will be on time next month with my pictorial selection.  Agnes

Hi Joe and Domnic please find attached some photos of Colou "Flower Power" a Pipe Band playing some years ago & a photo of a Beautiful Butterfly taken in my Sister in law Garden some time ago. Denis G Fitzgerald Ballymacelligott

A magnificent crop of summer barley growing at Ahacoora,Lixnaw and in the background is the old family homestead while overhead is a clear blue sky.Photo Moss Joe Browne.

Submitted on behalf of my sister Sheila Kelly;From Mary Kelly. When I was  young there was a curved china cabinet in one of rooms where the 'good things' were kept.   some of these were decorations only whereas others were only taken out for Christmas.  One of my favourites was a cream coloured ceramic honeypot with a  bee on top as a handle/knob..  I was fascinated by it and would go into the room any chance I got to look at it.    It developed into an interest in bees and honey in general.

I never got to keep that pot for myself as it vanished during some house renovations so I had to search for  my own when i got older

I found a vintage broken one and fixed it using the process of kintsuge which is the Japanese art of repairing broken item with liquid or silver to enhance the cracks  which sees beauty in the incomplete and  value in simplicity. (p[hoto 2)

When my house burned down a few months ago they were damaged and the honey pourer and metal lid are some of the few items that could be rescued from the debris. My life has changed completely but I still have my treasured memories of the things I fancy

In kintsugi the choice to highlight the breaks with precious metals not only acknowledges them, but also pays tribute to the vessel that has been torn apart by the mutability of life. The previously broken object is considered more beautiful for its imperfections. In life, too, even greater brilliance can be found after the mending.”

As i recover from my stressful Summer both in body and in spirit,  i plan to embrace the tenets of of this in all future endeavours

Hi Joe and Domnick, Love the show.. My picture for this month is. A Ray of Sunshine. Thanks, Nora Nelligan.

Hello Joe and Domnick, I was delighted to manage a trip to Skellig in mid-July with my two friends. We were lucky to get a dry day with a calm sea though the skies were dull and grey. On our way down from the top there was a lot¬¬¬ of puffins to be seen but difficult to photograph. Eventually, I managed to get a shot of these three on a ledge. I love the bright red and yellow of their summer beaks and their orange webbed feet and legs. These colours are very striking with the puffins’ black uppers and white lowers. I can’t wait to go back again. Name of photo: Skellig Trio 2022. Margaret O’Shea

Hi Joe and Dominic, look forward to your Saturday morning program as always. Thanks Kay. Sailing in Dingle, Fishing on the Blackwater & Bike riding in Kenmare

Hi Joe & Dominic, Find attached a picture taken in Tralee Tuesday evening (30th August 2022) and a 2nd picture taken in Tralee  at the start of August  Deirdre Mangan

Hi Joe & Domnick, Hope ye had a nice summer! Please find attached this month's theme....colours of life. Plenty colours at the Rose of Tralee fireworks display on Saturday night after the parade. Great to see all the festivals etc back again and bringing colour to life!!! Regards Mairead O'Keeffe

My three photos for this month. First two are from Fenit when we went out on Tralee Bay experience. It was beautiful day and was great to see Fenit from the "other side". Third photo was taken at the Wetlands as the flowers are turing to seed.

  1. Fenit Lighthouse
  2. Reflections of the tug boat in Fenit Marina.
  3. Wildflower

Thanks, Siobhan O'Connor

Hi Joe, Attached please find 3 photos from Lily Elvins (now 12). Photos were taken back in Dingle at Bosca Bia on the Slea Head drive. 1. Gladioli against the stone wall 2. The great partnership of Salt and Pepper  3. Reflections

Hi Joe and Dominic my colour of life photos are red sky at night. He'll never find me in here. And honeybee going about daily life. Thanks Brendan Kissane.

HI Joe and Dominic, Attached photos for colour of life competition.First photo shows vintage harvesting for charity by Lispole men last Wednesday with Minard Castle and Iveragh Penninsula  in background. Second image is recently taken full moon rising over Carrauntohill reflecting on Castlemaine Harbour as viewed from Inch. Third photo is an evening sunset at Inch Beach. Best regards, Michael Kennedy

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