In Focus with Domnick Walsh

In Focus with Domnick Walsh | August

Aug 5, 2022 17:04 By Admin
In Focus with Domnick Walsh | August
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No box but a tower in a field of gold. James Nelan Causeway Co Kerry


This is Róisín Shorten (Ballahantourigh, Currow) bringing home the turf last year from Glounlea

Keeping cool in the recent heatwave!!! This was taken at the beach in Curraheen recently. Keep up the good  work Regards Joan Trant.


Hi Joe, please find three photos from Lily Elvins (Age 11)

Loaf of freshly baked bread baked by Lily and arranged for a photo.


Close up of a shell on Fenit Beach


Cow at the Kingdom County Fair looking out between its handlers.

Hi Joe and Domnick, please find 3 photos for this month's slot. Thanks, Siobhan O'Connor


"Taking a break" - Ballyseedy Monument with some gloves left below the hand of the statue.

"Hi there"  - Hand coming out from the top of the beehive hut at Fenit.

"The Fisherman"  -  Watching the ship sail off into the distance

Good afternoon Joe & Dominic.   On Sunday  as the  “All Ireland” Half time whistle rang out.  Win or lose , Grandad John & Cara took a walk to air the nerves . Agnes O’Sullivan

Hello Joe and Domnick, below is my photo for August In Focus. Name of the photo. - Concentration and Satisfaction. In this photo we see Mary Claire concentrating on instructions from Katrin at a “Lego Serious Play” display as part of an Innovation Day at IT Tralee a few years ago. Katrin is obviously very satisfied with Mary Claire’s success in activating the moving parts of the Lego. “Lego Serious Play” is used in the corporate world for creative thinking and problem-solving of real issues and challenges. Lego Building events help participants to conceptualise problems differently, solve them more creatively and to think outside the box. Thank you, Margaret O'Shea

Dear Joe and Dominic, Please find photo of three flowers, 1 just as it’s about to bloom, the second having bloomed and the third 1 week after blooming and the colour is changing. The story behind this is the seeds for the flowers came from a Ukrainian family who live next to me. They planted them in two flower pots outside my front door. I did these on one photo known as a triptych. Regards John Keane Castleisland

Hi Joe and Domnick, Love the show. Here are two pictures for this week.

Before,Cats, Millie and Tillie having breakfast with fox terrier Rex.

After, Vanished. Thank you Nora Nelligan.

Hi Joe and Dominic, below are photos that might fit the theme for this month: Sheep shearing in West Cork and Discussing the structure of Camden Fort??  Thanks Kay


Hi Joe and Dominic, For this months theme "thinking outside the box"I'm sending some macro shots of wild and garden flowers taken in my back garden.I didnt realise how beautiful these flowers can be until I looked at the images on screen.Normally we pass these flowers by without giving them a second glance ,as very often they are quite small and seem common and insignificant.Reverting to your theme "thinking outside the box", perhaps we should all spend more time appreciating the beauty of nature that surrounds us and less time looking at screens.No doubt it would be better for the mind and body and especially in Kerry where we're blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and gifted footballers.Best regards, Michael Kennedy

Hi Joe and Dominic, thinking outside the box so instead of looking around I look up, woods look just as good from another angle. Brendan Kissane

Good morning Joe and Domnick, This month was a real challenge! Here are 3 pictures from a different  angle. Ist one is Shape and Form. 2nd one is from a 3D art exhibition its lights inside a box. The 3rd is a Trick of the Light. Hope I'm not too late for Saturdays show. Always enjoy it.  Thanks and kind regards  Geraldine Mc Garrigle

Hi to you all, My name is Sheila Hanrahan and want to submit this photo, Taken in Glannageenty  on a forest pathway. The trees are towering overhead and upon looking up, always make me feel like a they're so majestic. Getting the tree trunk adds another dimension and interest.  Thanks again Sheila Hanrahan

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