ESB Networks’ Pilot Project on the Dingle Peninsula – View on Solar PV Technology

A pilot programme is continuing on the Dingle Peninsula, which aims to provide ESB Networks with the information and knowledge to implement changes across the national network in the future.

It’s being undertaken by the company, to test and trial new, greener technologies.

These include electric vehicles, air source heat pumps, peer-to-peer energy sharing and solar panels.

Solar PV panels – or solar photovoltaic panels – collect energy from the sun and converts it into useable electricity.

Since early 2019, ESB Networks has installed solar panels on 25 homes in West Kerry and saved 12,000 kg of CO2 in that period.

I spoke with Fergal Egan of ESB Networks, who says the aim of the Dingle project is to understand the impact of these new technologies.

He first explains solar PV technology.


That was Fergal Egan of ESB Networks.

I also sought a more detailed explanation of the technology. For this, I spoke to Alan Jackson, an expert of solar PV technology with Tipperary Energy Agency.

I asked Alan to explain how do solar PV panels work.

That’s Alan Jackson, an expert of solar PV technology with the Tipperary Energy Agency.

As part of ESB Networks’ Dingle Project, these technologies have been given to ambassadors on the peninsula.

Colm Kennedy from Annascaul, who’s also an electrician, is one of the solar PV trial participants. He had seven panels installed in February of 2019. I caught up with Colm to find out about his experience.


That was Colm Kennedy, electrician and solar PV trial participant on the Dingle Project.

If you want to find out more, you can visit ESB Networks here, or check out a previous feature on air source heat pumps.

Eamonn Hickson – July 2020