Works underway to tackle overflow of wastewater in Waterville

Works are underway to tackle an overflow of wastewater which may have affected the bathing water at Waterville beach.

Irish Water and Kerry County Council are working in partnership to respond to the overflow problem at the Village Green Pump Station.

Crews have been on the ground maintaining the pump station since Sunday, and there have been no overflows since the initial and limited overflow.

A repair of the station has now been completed, according to Irish Water.

Irish Water and Kerry County Council say there are continuing to closely monitor the operation of this station.

They say work is continuing to lift the precautionary bathing water notice at this time. It is expected the issue will be resolved later this week, when bathing water quality testing is completed.

The problem occurred following a period of thunder and heavy rainfall that caused a power failure at the pump station.

Irish Water says it regrets this incident and any inconvenience it may have caused.