Woman tells north Kerry murder trial of sadness at how brother was allegedly killed over crow banger

The sister of a north Kerry farmer, who is alleged to have been killed when his car was rammed by a teleporter multiple times, says it was sad he had to go down the way he did over a crow banger.

The device is used by tillage farmers and discharges a large bang at regular intervals to scare crows.

63-year-old Michael Ferris of Rattoo, Ballyduff has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Anthony Mahony of Ardoughter, Ballyduff on April 4th 2017.

Angela Houlihan, who is the younger sister of the deceased, told the Central Criminal Court sitting in Tralee she knew the accused and her brother had fallen out 15 years ago over a crow banger and just avoided each other.

She said her brother was entitled to put down a crow banger and they were part of life in the countryside.

Ms Houlihan said when she visits Anthony’s grave she can hear crow bangers going off, it was so sad, she said, that her brother had to go down the way he did over a banger.

The court also heard from the brother of the accused, Patrick Ferris, who lived with his brother on their dairy farm.

He said he would have made small talk with Anthony Mahony but was aware his brother and neighbours didn’t get on with him.

Patrick Ferris said Mr Mahony’s crow banger had been in operation for around 20 years; it was a constant feature, he said.

Patrick said he told the deceased he didn’t like it, but to no avail.

Patrick said his brother, who isn’t a troublesome man, didn’t get much sleep with the banger and it had an awful effect on him.

The case continues.