Waiting times for means-tested civil legal aid in Kerry almost doubled

The waiting time for means-tested civil legal aid in Kerry almost doubled in a year.

That’s according to figures revealed by the Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan, which show that people are waiting 34 weeks in Kerry.

Civil legal aid is delivered by the Legal Aid Board, and Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan says there are significant demands which gives rise to waiting times across the country.

He says, however, that certain matters are dealt with as a priority, such as domestic violence and child care, and the board refers these to private solicitors on its panels.

Minister Flanagan says waiting times have been reduced in recent years due to measures introduced by the board, however Kerry is bucking that trend.

As of the end of December 2017, the waiting time in the Tralee Law Centre was 34 weeks; that’s up from 18 weeks at the end of 2016.

The longest wait in the country is at the Cork South Mall law centre, where it’s 41 weeks, which is down from 62 the previous year.