Vote on election of new Killarney Mayor is adjourned

The people of Killarney will have to wait another week before they can discover who’s to be the new Mayor for the South Kerry Town. A vote on the matter was adjourned last night because Fine Gael`s Shelia Casey was unable to attend the meeting as she’s recovering from an operation. Her absence meant that if a vote on a new Mayor was taken neither of the 2 alliance blocks would have a majority and a tied result was likely.There was considerable opposition to the adjournment and a heated debate ensued. When a vote was taken 4 were in support of the decision being deferred, 2 against and 2 abstained on the grounds that they felt it was illegal. Cllr Michael Courtney says his grouping will now take legal advice on the matter. He says last night’s proceedings say alot about Killarney politics.