Valentia coastguard busy during hot spell

A member of Ballybunion Sea and Cliff Rescue is advising people to take care during this hot spell. Frank O`Connor says they attended to many people suffering from sunstroke and severe dehydration on Sunday. He also says people should be wary of drinking alcohol in the sun. Meanwhile, Sunday was one of the busiest days of the year for Valentia Coastguard. Their assistance was sought 10 times both within Kerry and elsewhere. The very warm weather attracted many people to the county’s beaches and waterways, meaning more work for the emergency services. In Kerry, Valentia co-ordinated 2 operations – a helicopter was dispatched from Shannon to Dunquin to transport a diver suffering from the benz to the decompression chamber at Galway University Hospital. Meanwhile the coastguard were also alerted after a swimmer went missing in Ballybunion – he was later found safe and well.