Use of Killarney lane-ways suggested to help increase parking space

A Killarney Municipal District Councillor is suggesting using the lane-ways of Killarney in an effort to increase the number of parking spaces in the town. Fianna Fáil Cllr Niall Kelleher says parking in the lane-ways would also help rejuvenate some of these areas. Niall Kelleher, Fianna Fáil National Executive Currently there are 1551 car parking spaces in Killarney. 1145 of these are in the town’s 6 car parks, while 406 are on street parking spaces. Private Parking is also available at the Outlet Centre, Penney’s, the train station and at the town’s many hotels. Kerry County Council has acknowledged that parking is at a premium during the summer months and it is investigating a number of options. Previously Cllr Michael Gleeson has suggested a high-rise car park through public / private partnership.