Urgent need to protect areas of Kerry coast where sharks and stingrays raise young

Angel shark

There’s an urgent need to protect areas of the Kerry coast where sharks and stingrays arrive to give birth.

That’s according to director of Dingle Ocean World, Kevin Flannery.

He says from The Shannon south to Brandon Head, including the North Kerry and Tralee Bays, has become the home of these species; they give birth there and their young grow by feeding on smaller fish.

Mr Flannery says these species have virtually disappeared from the area in recent years.

He doesn’t want to stop fishermen from making their livelihood, but says protection, similar to that given to the natterjack toad or hen harrier, could be provided in consultation with fishermen.

Kevin Flannery says subsidies could be given to fishermen who release these species back into the bay, adding it’s vital it becomes a marine protected area: