University Hospital Kerry owed €5.3 million for the treatment of private patients

At the end of 2016 University Hospital Kerry was owed over €5.3 million for the treatment of private patients in the hospital.

This figure was released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Meanwhile €2 million was owed to the hospital in unpaid emergency department fees, statutory inpatient charges and costs relating to road traffic accidents at the end of 2016.

University Hospital Kerry spent just under €30,000 on debt collectors from 2011 to 2016.
The highest spend was in 2011, when the hospital spent almost €9000 on debt collectors.
Nationally public hospitals spent €3 million hiring private debt collectors to pursue patients for unpaid charges since 2011.

The HSE notes that the collection of monies owed is a continuous, daily and large-scale process, it also says the major part of the amounts invoiced by HSE hospitals and unpaid at any given moment, relate to private insurers.

Nationally public hospitals are owed €145 million by health insurance firms.