University Hospital Kerry not fully compliant with training standards for junior doctors

University Hospital Kerry has been found not fully compliant with the majority of Medical Council training standards for junior doctors.

UHK is one of nine hospitals inspected as part of Medical Council’s quality assurance role in medical education and training.

Of the 18 areas inspected, the hospital was non-compliant in three, partially compliant in 11, and fully compliant with standards in just four areas.

The areas of non-compliance are professionalism, training time for trainers, and feedback opportunities for interns.

In one area of partial compliance – the inspection team reported concerns that interns are being asked to seek consent for procedures with which they have no familiarity, and were concerned with the frequency in which interns are asked to seek consent on behalf of senior colleagues.

Interns also reported not receiving feedback on their performance and therefore not learning.

The inspection team also did not observe sufficient evidence that training was aligned to the Medical Council’s Eight Domains of Good Professional Practice.

In the area of supervision, it was noted that there was not always adequate supervision when interns were on call, and they felt vulnerable and isolated with little support from their senior NCHDs and consultants.

The Medical Council also noted that many interns do not receive sufficient feedback.

The inspection team said there was no evidence that training emphasised professionalism and the development of skills, integrity, compassion, honesty, respect for patients and self-care.

The team observed that the intern community were frustrated, felt they had no forum to express their views or concerns, and this led to an emotive discussion at times.

The Medical Council also found issues on resources – with poor access to wi-fi throughout out the hospital, and computers and library facilities that are shared with a large number of NCHDs and undergraduate medical students.

It also found no access to catering facilities for food preparation and no personal storage facilities specifically for interns.

UHK was full complaint in the areas of accreditation, rotations, training through clinical practice and specialty specific reports.