Two representatives nominated to board of Animal Heaven Animal Rescue by the Charities Regulator

Two representatives have been nominated to the board of Animal Heaven Animal Rescue by the Charities Regulator.

David Hall, CEO of the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation, and ISPCA chief Andrew Kelly have been nominated to the board of AHAR which is based in Castleisland.

This comes following serious concerns about poor governance.

The animal charity had until close of business yesterday to accept the nominations and formalise the appointments.

It is believed they did not do so and the Regulator may now go to the High Court to force through the nominations.

In 2017, the Charities Regulator took action after it found the Castleisland-based charity was in breach of the law by not maintaining proper accounts.

AHAR complied and began keeping proper accounts in the following months.

However, serious concerns still surround the charity according to documents released to RTÉ under Freedom of Information.

A Department of Agriculture official claimed the charity shipped animals abroad soon after surgery before their wounds were healed, while it is also alleged AHAR also failed to dispose of a donkey carcass until 12 days after it died.

Despite such concerns, the Department of Agriculture found the general health and body condition of animals kept at AHAR was deemed “moderate” and “good” in reports.

Animal accommodation, including bedding and cleanliness, was deemed “fair” and “good”, and overall animal welfare was judged to be “satisfactory” in all six reports.

AHAR representatives have been contacted for comment.