Two month stop on payments crucial to Covid-19 response

Photo: Pixabay

The Kerry-born campaigner who helped reveal the tracker mortgage scandal is calling for a two-month pause on the payment of bills, loans, tax, rent, mortgages and other charges.

Financial advisor Pádraic Kissane, who’s from Lisselton, says in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, the country’s financial matters, in relation to non-essential payments, should be put on hold for two months.

Mr Kissane says focus is needed on stopping the spread of the virus and finding a vaccine and while this goes on, a stop is needed on non-essential payments to alleviate financial pressure.

The representative body Retail Excellence predicts that another 200,000 people will be out of work by the end of this week because of the measures put in place to tackle the coronavirus.
An estimated 140,000 have lost their jobs since the measures were announced last Thursday.
Pádraic Kissane says it’s urgent that the economic impact of the virus is addressed.