Two in five Kerry businesses lay off their entire staff as a result of COVID-19

Two in five businesses in Kerry have had to lay off their entire staff as a result of COVID-19.

That’s double the national average, according to the Chambers Ireland National Survey.

It shows the impact of COVID-19 on businesses nationally.

Over 1,100 (1,149) businesses took part in the survey, 155 of those were from Kerry.

Tralee Chamber Chief Executive Ken Tobin says the results show a more significant impact on businesses in Kerry; he adds this is because the county is very reliant on the tourism and hospitality sector.

The Chambers Ireland National Survey examines a range of topics including revenue, closures and staffing.

Nationally, one in five businesses have laid off their entire staff, compared to Kerry which stands at two in five.

Meanwhile, 65% of businesses in the county have laid off staff, in comparison to 47% nationwide.

In Kerry 65% of companies report full lay off of staff; 34% have implemented reduced hours and home-working arrangements, and only 1% reflect no change.

The survey also shows that 51% of businesses in Kerry expect their revenue to decline by more than 90% over the next 3 months; that’s double the national average.

A further 33% of Kerry businesses expect their revenue to decline by 50% or more over the next 3 months, while 23% of businesses here expect revenue to decline by over 75% in the next months.

Over 70% of businesses have closed entirely in Kerry, according to the survey, and of those that have shut, most expect to remain closed for 12 weeks.