Two EBS agencies in the county set to close in March

Two EBS agencies in the county are set to close in March.

The Dingle agency will close on the 9th of the month, with the Kenmare agency closing on the 29th.

There are seven EBS branches or agencies in the county, with agencies in Dingle and Kenmare set to close.

Councillor Patrick Connor-Scarteen, whose family runs the EBS office in Kenmare, stresses that only the agency is set to close, with auctioneering, insurance and financial brokerage facilities continuing.

He says EBS headquarters are concentrating on providing services to larger towns, and closing branches and agencies in smaller population centers.

Cllr Connor-Scarteen adds, in an effort to protect smaller communities, a moratorium should be placed on banks and building societies closing in rural areas.

John Diony O’Connor, who runs the EBS agency in Dingle, says the closure is a local choice, made due to changes in internal administration.