Two brothers found not guilty of making threats to kill in Killarney

Two brothers have been found not guilty of making threats to kill in Killarney.

39-year-old Danny Harty of 61 Pinewood Estate, Killarney and 32-year-old Patrick Harty of 2 Feale Drive, Listowel had pleaded not guilty to a total of 14 charges, including trespassing offences, producing an iron bar in the course of a dispute and making a threat to kill.

The jury deliberated on 12 charges, after the judge had directed a finding of not guilty on two trespassing charges.

It was alleged that the brothers, during the course of a dispute, produced an article capable of inflicting serious injury, namely an iron bar, at both 22 Hazelwood Drive, Ballyspillane, Killarney and 20 Spire View, Killarney on the 27th May, 2018.

The men also each faced two trespassing charges, two public order charges and one charge of making a threat to kill.

The jury found Patrick Harty guilty on three charges: those were the production of the iron bar, public order and trespassing offences.

The jury found Danny Harty guilty of public order and trespassing offences, and not guilty on the remaining four charges.

Judge Francis Comerford will sentence the men this morning in Tralee Circuit Court.