Trout Angler’s Federation oppose hydro electric schemes.

The council has been criticized for not monitoring planning conditions attached to hydro electric schemes on rivers in Kerry. John O` Hare of the Trout Angler`s Federation says their members oppose these schemes because they know that the planning conditions will not be enforced. Its government policy to encourage the development of alternative energy projects but many of these proposed schemes in the south west have been overturned successfully by canoeing and angling clubs.Mr O` Hare says anglers object to these schemes because no body checks up on the conditions of the planning. The South West Regional Fisheries Bord has drawn up new guidelines on hydro schemes. It wants backdated inspections and amendments to existing schemes and it wants to introduce conditions for smaller schemes. Mr O` Hare says some projects can have serious impact on fish and may result in a loss of spawning and nursery area.