Trial of South Kerry man accused of careless driving causing death begins

A South Kerry man has gone on trial for careless driving causing death.

Michael O’Mahony of Lackeen, Blackwater, Killarney has pleaded not guilty to careless driving causing death, following a road traffic collision which occurred on the 15th August 2015.

The prosecution says that Mr O’Mahony was departing his mother’s home in Lackeen, Blackwater, intending to turn westwards towards Sneem.

Christopher Humphries, a motorcyclist, was travelling in the direction of Kenmare.

Prosecutor Tom Rice says the accused was crossing the Kenmare-bound lane shortly after 11am and that Mr Humphries had to make evasive manoeuvres to avoid colliding with the accused’s vehicle.

The motorcyclist and his motorbike became separated at this point; he fell from his bike, hit the accused’s car and suffered fatal injuries to his torso and chest.

Mr Rice says that Mr O’Mahony ought to have seen the motorcyclist.

The prosecution adds the motorcyclist was appropriately dressed, was not travelling at speed and had the bike’s headlights turned on.

A number of civilian witnesses gave evidence to the court this afternoon, detailing how they came upon the scene and attempted to resuscitate Mr Humphries.

Dr Judy O’Dwyer, a qualified GP who was on holidays, assisted with first aid; however, she pronounced Mr Humphries dead at 12:45 that afternoon.

The trial continues tomorrow in Tralee Circuit Court under Judge Eoin Garavan.