Trial hears medical evidence that child showed signs of shaken baby syndrome

Medical witnesses at the trial of childminder Sandra Higgins have said a 10 month old baby in her care showed signs of shaken baby syndrome. The 34 year old mother of two from The Beeches, Drumgola Wood in Cavan denies causing serious harm to the infant on March 28th, 2012. Gavel 2 Sandra Higgins told gardai she looked after the infant as if she were her own child. The childminder said she brought the ten month old baby to Cavan General Hospital because she was jerking on the floor and vomiting. She’s accused of violently shaking the baby which she denies. Today consultant paediatrician Dr Alan Finan gave evidence that it wasn’t reasonable to suggest the baby’s brain injuries happened before the mother dropped her off at the childminder’s that morning. Cross examined by the defence he said it was his understanding that a lucid interval would be very very unlikely. Eye specialist Professor Michael O’Keeffe gave evidence of extensive haemorrhaging behind the baby’s retinas which he found suspcious of a shaken baby.