IT Tralee Registrar says computing programmes proving ‘a difficult sell’ among students

Confusion may be behind the chronic shortage of programmers and the low update of computing courses at third level.

That’s according to Dr Brendan O’Donnell, IT Tralee Registrar who said computing and IT programmes are proving ‘a difficult sell’ among students.

While the new points system has enabled institutions to become more granular with their offers, eliminating random selection, Dr O’Donnell says the uptake of IT courses has been disappointing.

He said fantastic employment opportunities exist in automation and IT sectors but students it seems are not differentiating between social media and programming:



Dr O’Donnell said another area under-supplied is the STEM sector and concern exists among manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies over the lack of qualified graduates.

He described the shortage of women undertaking engineering as ‘a shocking indictment’, especially as girls it seems are outperforming boys at maths, physics and other subjects in the Leaving Cert: