Tralee pubs charged from price list during Rose of Tralee

A survey by the Consumer Affairs Society has found that pubs in Tralee failed to deviate from their price list during the Rose of Tralee festival. Of the three regions checked Tralee was the only one to charge what was displayed on their price lists. However half of the pubs in the town were found to be in breach of the act for failing to display the full and comprehensive price list. This survey was undertaken by the Consumer Affairs Society as part of their price awareness campaign.Tralee was one of three regions checked for compliance. Galway Races Festival, Croke Park during the Leinster Senior Football Semi Final and Tralee Rose of Tralee Festival were checked this summer. Tralee was the only place that failed to deviate from their displayed list. However all places failed when it came to detailing all 16 items on the standard price list. Half of the pubs surveyed in Tralee failed to show comprehensive prices for all drinks.Carmel Foley Director of Consumer Affairs says she will take legal action against premises who fail to fully comply with the price display act. Six publicans around the country have already been prosecuted by the Consumer Affairs Society and other prosecutions are pending.