Tralee mother says rental crisis in the town is impacting her family

A mother has highlighted the impact the rental crisis in Tralee is having on her family.

Ann-Marie Murphy has been looking to privately rent a house in the town for the past 3 months.

The family moved to Cork temporarily as her partner’s father was terminally ill, but had planned on returning to Kerry.

The mother-of-two says she is competing with over 30 other people each time she goes to view a house – adding this high-demand is making it impossible to secure a home for her family.

As a result of the rental crisis, the family have now been forced to live apart.

She and her two children are currently staying with her mother in Tralee, but her fiancé has to stay in Cork as there isn’t enough room in her mother’s house.

They are both working full time and have references, a deposit and advanced rent ready.

Ann-Marie says this crisis is like something out of the hunger games.