Tralee mental health facility found to have one critical and seven high risk ratings

A Tralee mental health centre has been found to have one critical and seven high risk ratings.

An unannounced inspection was carried out in the Sliabh Mis Mental Health Admission Unit at University Hospital Kerry between the 19th and 22nd of February.

It’s a 34-bed acute psychiatric unit with two admission wards, Reask and Valentia, and one high-observation ward, Brandon, which wasn’t in use at the time of the inspection.

This inspection by the Mental Health Commission of Sliabh Mis found a decrease in compliance with regulations from 65% in 2018 to 58% in 2019.

No areas of compliance were rated excellent in this inspection; non-compliance with privacy was rated as a critical risk.

There were seven high risk non compliances including staffing, use of physical restraint, and admission of children.

Twenty-two children were admitted in the past year, despite it being an adult facility.

Although there was appropriate accommodation for differing ages and genders, there were no age-appropriate facilities or programmes of activities.

Five areas were found to be moderately in compliance of regulations, and two were rated low.

There were two breaches of human rights, including residents’ privacy and dignity not being respected as there were five beds in four-bedded rooms.

A follow up regulatory compliance meeting in April showed significant improvements, and a plan is in place to address remaining issues.

Sliabh Mis had a number of best practice initiatives highlighted in the inspection report, including the appointment of an individual care plan champion who promoted best practice, as well as the recent refurbishment.