Tralee mans death described as most unusual

The Coroner has described as most unusual the death of a Tralee man who died as a result of injuries sustained when his jumper got snagged on the latch of a window at a house in the town. 35 year old James Ring was found by a family who returned from a wedding in October 2004. Dr Margaret Bolster who carried out the post mortem on Mr Ring said his death would have been very rapid and much quicker than strangulation.There was no alcohol detected in James Ring`s system but there were a number of therapeutic prescribed drugs including a sedative. The family who found the body said they had returned to their home at 15 Woodlands Oak Park, from a wedding in Kilkenny on the afternoon of Sunday October 17th and saw the shadow of something through the frosted glass of a window.Gardai and medical services arrived on the scene and pronounced the man dead at 4:43pm. The cause of the man`s death was acute cardio failure due to suspension by a cloth ligature, in this case, the mans jumper. The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.