Tralee man given prison sentence for biting off a piece of another man’s ear

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Photo: Pixabay

A Tralee man has received a prison sentence for biting off a piece of another man’s ear.

30-year-old Jaime Kelliher of 10 Manor Park, Tralee, had pleaded guilty to assaulting another man in the Fabric Nightclub, Godfrey Place, Tralee, on 27th June 2009.

On the date in question, Mr Kelleher and the victim were out socialising when they became involved in an altercation.

In an effort to diffuse the situation, the victim went to the toilets; however, when he arrived back the accused continued to be aggressive.

The court heard Mr Kelliher headbutted the victim, ‘latched onto his ear with considerable force’, and removed a 4cm length of the victim’s ear.

The victim was taken to Cork University Hospital and was attended to by a plastic surgeon; however, despite the gardaí placing the severed ear in a glass of ice, it was not possible to reattach it.

The victim, who had previously presented his injury to Judge Tom O’Donnell in Tralee Circuit Court, had a prepared victim impact statement read out on his behalf.

It read he’s suffered with depression since the assault, lacks self-confidence in public, and now cannot find words to explain what happened to his two young girls.

The accused, Mr Kelliher, has eight previous convictions from both Ireland and the UK.

Judge Tom O’Donnell handed down a two-and-a-half-year prison sentence.