Tralee hotels and restaurants express concern over running costs and visitor numbers

Hotels and restaurants in Tralee are reporting concerns over costs as well as a decrease in business, according to a new survey.

Tralee Chamber Alliance commissioned a survey among the 14 restaurants and nine hotels in the county town.

The alliance says the competitiveness of Kerry business is being impacted and is calling for immediate action at a local and national level.

Every Tralee hotel reported being impacted by insurance costs and compliance with 86 per cent stating they were either affected a great deal or a lot by insurance matters.

The Tralee Chamber Alliance survey also found that almost 43 per cent of hotels in the county town experienced a decline in international visitor numbers of between 20 to 30 per cent compared to last year while nearly 30% surveyed reported either no change or a drop of up to 10 per cent.

Almost 43% of hotels in Tralee predict business to remain stagnant or to increase this year compared to 2018.

The survey found every Tralee restaurant reported being impacted by the increase in VAT rates and by staff costs and wages.

90% of restaurant operators said they were affected a great deal by VAT while 70% said they were affected a great deal by wages and staff costs.

Hotels in Tralee said VAT, insurance and staffing costs represented greater negative effects than Brexit.

Tralee Chamber Alliance says its  surveys show more than 70% of hotels and restaurants in the town reflect very good value for money compared to other locations.