IT Tralee engaging with TUI through Workplace Relations Commission

IT Tralee says it’s engaging with the TUI to address a number of concerns.

The Teachers’ Union of Ireland raised a number of issues in April, a month before the former Minister of Education approved the merger of IT Tralee and CIT.

Ahead of the MTU merger, the TUI listed five topics of concern: lack of consultation and meaningful engagement; new structures and models not agreed; operational structures and policies for MTU; financial viability; and international panel concerns.

The union also claimed even though there were regular meetings since September 2019, they were merely “window dressing” to give the impression that the industrial relations process is satisfactory.

IT Tralee says that following a rigorous process, overseen and managed by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) and the Department of Education and Skills, MTU, Ireland’s newest technological university will be created in January 2021.

It has full confidence in the process pursued in order to achieve technological university status.

The institute adds it’s committed to working with the TUI and is currently engaged with the union through the Workplace Relations Commission.