Tralee Congress co-ordinator says complaints still received regarding marital status and children in interviews

By William Murphy -, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Former Tanaiste Joan Burton has warned that a woman’s gender should never stop her from getting a job.

Her comments come after John Halligan was fined for asking a female candidate inappropriate questions during a job interview.

The Junior Minister claims he wanted to know if she was married so he could be flexible with her working hours.

But the Workplace Relations Commission ruled that the question was discriminatory.

Minister Halligan’s line of questioning in the interview was ‘totally unacceptable’ and ‘as a Minister in high office, he can’t ask things like that.

That’s according to Marilyn Bulman, co-ordinator of Tralee Congress Information Centre, which provides information, advice and representation of people’s rights and entitlements.

Ms Bulman says this type of questioning puts the candidate at a disadvantage and whether or not the candidate has children, or is married, is completely irrelevant in the interview process.

She said she doubts the Minister would have asked a man the same questions and that, even now, Tralee Congress Information Centre still receives complaints along these lines: