Tralee businessman criticises Government policy

The Chief Executive of the Aquadome claims Ireland is getting more expensive and less competitive and its time for a wake up call. Kieran Rutledge says government policy and our taxation system are to blame. Mr Rutledge is laying the blame squarely with the government for the rise in costs. He says the minimum wage, fuel prices, high rates, 21 per cent v.a.t., the 9 o clock ban and high insurance premiums all contribute to make us less competitive.As the Chief Executive of two of Irelands aquatic facilities, the Aquadome and the National Aquatic Centre in Dublin he says the problem is that businesses have to cover a number of costs that are out of their control. He claims the government tells us to be more competitive but at the same time strangles us with ludicrous policies and increased taxes.Referring to EU enlargement he says a whole new market where the streets are safe and clean has been opened up. In these countries a pint costs one euro, a family meal 20 but yet a return ticket from Dublin will set you back 130 euro and Mr Rutledge says its time for a wake up call.