Traffic at Killarney accident blackspot being examined using simulation software

Photo: Madam's Hill junction on the Tralee Road in Killarney

Traffic at an accident blackspot in Killarney is being examined using simulation software in order for the best solution to be found.

That’s according to Kerry County Council, who was responding to a question from Independent Cllr Brendan Cronin as to whether Transport Infrastructure Ireland will create a roundabout at the Madam’s Hill Junction to alleviate traffic congestion.

The busy junction where the Aghadoe Road meets the N22 Tralee Road has a steep downhill approach, and drivers have difficulty coming from the Aghadoe side onto the N22 due to heavy traffic, moving at a fast speed.

Kerry County Council says in order to fully assess the problems, traffic movements at the junction are currently being modelled using specialist traffic simulation software.

Cllr Cronin queried if anyone actually drives the road or if they just use simulation software.

The council says Transport Infrastructure Ireland requires this process to be undertaken to decide on the most appropriate junction improvement works to be carried out.

The options being examined include a roundabout amongst other junction types.

The assessment is due to be completed in August and will be forwarded to TII as part of a junction analysis proposal.