Town Councillors consider suspending bin collection for a year.

Tralee Town Councilors are considering paying a private operator to collect bins from people with a waiver. This would allow the council to suspend its service for a year. The bin collection service is the most controversial aspect to this year`s budget. At last nights meeting mayor terry o Brien suggested suspending their domestic collection service for a year, making provision for a private operator to collect bins from those with a waiver.Last night was Cllrs third attempt to agree on their budget. The biggest stumbling block is the bin collection service which despite being heavily subsidized last year, lost half a million euro. The deal which was suggested by the Mayor would take place alongside a suspension of the collection service. Staff working on bin collection would be redeployed.His suspension would give them time to agree on a new system which can compete with private operators. Councilors were slow to welcome the suggestion as some felt it would be impossible to re- enter the market. However attempts at making cuts in other programmes to find the necessary funding to bring the bin charge down to a competitive level were unsuccessful. The members have until Monday to agree a budget for 2004. Failure to do so could result in the council being disbanded by the Minister for the Environment.