Town Council rezones wooded area in Killarney.

A wooded area to the North of Killarney may be the site of major housing development, after a decision by the Town Council to allow the area to be re-zoned. A developer made a request that ‘Cronin`s Wood’ be designated for residential purposes. This required a material variation of Killarney`s Development Plan. At their May meeting, members of the Town Council considered the request by Dunboy Construction to re-zone the site. The area is currently an undeveloped ridgeline.The re-zoning will require Dunboy to give 20% of the site over for social and affordable housing. Councillors generally agreed that Killarney has enough land already zoned for housing, were conscious of the need to reduce the numbers on housing lists. Another concern was the exact location of social housing in any new development. Pat F O`Connor asked if there would be ‘integration or segregation`.Town planner Fiona O`Sullivan noted that an amendment to the legislation had relaxed the rules in this area allowed ‘off-site’ placing or segregation of social housing. She said it would be up to the council to negotiate with dun boy construction over its requirements. Development of the site will involve the removal of trees, and Ms. O’sullivan said that an eis will be sought with any future application from dun boy for planning permission.