Town Council issues get tough policy to ease housing crisis

People on Tralee`s housing list are being reminded they will loose priority status if they refuse two offers of accommodation. A newsletter issued by the council to each local authority tenant in the area says they will be placed on a standby list and will not be considered for accommodation until all other qualified applicants are housed. Tralee estimates that it will have a housing list of almost 1,000 by the end of the year.In the past Tralee has had a problem with serial refusals with several people on the list refusing to move into newly refurbished houses. This newsletter is a new initiave which aims to keep tenants in touch with developments in the council. Its warning people they will be put onto a supplementary list after two house refusals and this could affect their ongoing eligibility to Supplementary Welfare Allowance.The Town Council has drawn up an action plan in an attempt to deal with the housing crisis in the town and they are looking for the go ahead from central government on increased house starts and greater funding. While they attempt to deal with the issue this get tough policy on housing refusals is being implemented. In a situation where tenants looking for a transfer are told they will be considered if there is overcrowding, or where a smaller house may be more suitable and in some cases because of the medical needs of a tenant.