Town Council encourages owners to improve derelict buildings

Over half of derelict properties in Tralee have been improved in the last year after an intensive campaign targeting owners of run down premises. Many of the properties placed on the register are are in the Castle Street, Moyderwell and Boherbee areas. 41 sites have now been removed after improvements were made. 71 sites in the town were identified as derelict or needing some work and their owners were asked to improve them. The owners are informed of the works The Council thinks necessary to bring their buildings up to standard.Since the campaign began last year there are 30 sites which remain on the register. Five of these just require a tidy and paint. 16 have taken no action and their buildings will be valued and a fine imposed at 3 per cent of the cost. Many of the buildings are protected structures and Town Planner Victoria Mc Carthy will prescribe specific works for these.