Tourism costs are major drain on Council’s financial resources

Tourism projects at Tralee Town Council continue to cost in the region of one million euro each year. It`s a significant portion of the authority’s 17 million euro spend for the year. The biggest single expenditure is on the county museum. Members have put aside over half a million euro towards its running costs for 2005. The heated exchanges of previous years were missing from last nights meeting as a number of factors worked in the members favour.The cost of insurance has fallen by 12 per cent, the rate base has improved and the Local Government grant increased by 8 per cent. Modest increases were agreed for bin tags and rates on street parking remains unchanged and the Brandon has gone up by 50 cent a day. What`s clear from the figures is that tourism projects are still a major drain on the council`s financial resources. The annual bill of 235,000 for the Jeanie will have to be borne for another 13 years.A decision on the future for the museum will come before the council in next few months. Whatever happens it will always cost the council money. The local authority is flush this year and so there`s less focus on the cost of tourism projects. What remains to be seen is how long this lasts.