Tony Blair returns to London following today’s bombings

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has returned to London following this morning’s terrorist attacks. The attacks are believed to have caused a number of fatalities, although an official figure has not been confirmed. Mr Blair has said that it was important to emphasise to those responsible for the attacks that they would not succeed in undermining people`s values or their way of life.US President George W. Bush said the attacks indicated a need to persist with the war against terrorism. President Mary McAleese has sent a message of condolence to the Queen, saying that the attacks served only the cause of evil. Speaking in Rome, the Taoiseach described it as a sad day, but vowed that the G8 group would not be deflected from achieving its objectives.Pope Benedict XVI, who held a meeting with the Taoiseach this afternoon, described the attacks as “inhuman”. Fine Gael Leader Enda Kenny said that the attacks were clearly intended to distract the G8 leaders from their attempts to eradicate world poverty.